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Proxmox VE Training Bundle

Proxmox VE Training Bundle

Participants receive a Certificate of Completion from Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH upon finishing the course.

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With the Proxmox VE Bundle, you can dive deep into the Proxmox VE platform. This training consists of Course 100 - Proxmox VE Installation and Administration and Course 101 - Proxmox VE Advanced.


Course 100 - Proxmox VE Installation and Administration

This training focuses on deploying, configuring, and managing a single node as a standalone server or as part of a cluster. It covers concepts applicable to both single-server and multi-server environments.


  • Installation and OS updates.
  • Host Network, including Linux bridging and bonding network interfaces.
  • Storage, focusing on storage applicable to standalone servers like ZFS and network shares.
  • Guest Management, including VMs, Linux containers (LXCs), importing, and cloning guests.
  • Firewall understanding.
  • User Management for users and permissions.
  • Guest backups, scheduling, and retention management.
  • Proxmox VE CLI Introduction.
  • Troubleshooting standalone deployments.


Course 101 - Proxmox VE Advanced

This advanced training expands upon Course 100 - Proxmox VE Installation and Administration, concentrating on multi-server, clustered deployments of Proxmox VE. It targets IT professionals familiar with Proxmox VE or those who have completed Course 100.


  • Creating and configuring a Proxmox VE cluster.
  • Deploying Ceph for resilient and highly available storage in hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI).
  • Guest migrations, including live and offline migrations.
  • Creating highly available clusters.
  • Introduction to the powerful REST API.
  • Advanced Proxmox VE CLI.
  • Troubleshooting clustered deployments.

Deployment: Online

Courses run from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM EDT

Course 100 - Proxmox VE Installation and Administration (Dates)
Course 101 - Proxmox VE Advanced (Date)
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