Proxmox VE Training

The first North American Proxmox Training Partner and the first North American Gold Partner.

Gain confidence in deploying, migrating, and managing Proxmox VE in standalone and clustered environments through live, expert-led training with hands-on exercises simulating real-world scenarios.

The training adheres to Proxmox guidelines for Authorized Training Partners, ensuring content, length, and quality meet Proxmox's standards.

Master Proxmox VE concepts and features

Gain server virtualization expertise from certified instructors

• Learn through hands-on, practical labs

• Identify and troubleshoot issues efficiently

• Capitalize on the growing demand for IT professionals with Proxmox VE skills

• Participants receive a Certificate of Completion from Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH upon finishing the course.

Online Courses

  • Course 100 - Proxmox VE Installation and Administration

    Learn how to deploy, configure, and manage a single node as a standalone server or as part of a cluster. This training covers concepts relevant to both single-server and multi-server environments.

  • Course 101 - Proxmox VE Advanced

    This advanced training emphasizes multi-server, clustered deployments of Proxmox VE. It targets IT professionals with prior Proxmox VE experience or those who have completed Course 100.

  • Proxmox VE Training Bundle

    With the Proxmox VE Bundle, you can dive deep into the Proxmox VE platform. This training consists of Course 100 - Proxmox VE Installation and Administration and Course 101 - Proxmox VE Advanced.


Get 20% off on a Proxmox Virtual Environment Subscription

Participants (or their organization) are eligible to receive a 20% discount on a new purchase of Proxmox Virtual Environment subscriptions within two months of training. Applies to a single purchase of one or more new subscriptions. The promotion only applies to training provided by Weehooey and subscriptions purchased from Weehooey. If purchasing a Weehooey Service that includes a Proxmox Virtual Environment subscription, the discount will be based on the price of the included subscription and not the Weehooey Service. This cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. Not applicable on subscriptions for reselling.

Training Grants for Businesses and Individuals

Weehooey Inc. assists organizations in exploring training grant opportunities available in various jurisdictions for both employers and individuals.


For qualifying employers located in Canada, there are Federal-Provincial training programs that can provide grants for 50-100% of training costs. Some examples (most provinces participate):

  • Canada-Ontario Job Grant. Up to $10,000 per person.
  • Canada-Alberta Job Grant. Up to $15,000 per person.
  • British Columbia Employer Training Grant. Up to $10,000 per person.

United States

Check with your federal, state and regional governments for skills and training grants, rebates and incentives.

Weehooey Inc. is the first North American Proxmox Training Partner and first North American Gold Partner.