Proxmox Enterprise Solutions at Weehooey

Weehooey has been a Proxmox Partner since 2018. We are North America's first Proxmox Gold Partner.

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Our Clients

From three-node setups to extensive infrastructure spread across vast geographical areas with hundreds of nodes we support and maintain the full range of Proxmox deployments. Most of our Proxmox clients are in Canada and the United States -- the regions we focus on. Industries include enterprise, government, higher education, and telecommunications.

Our Experience

Before we were Proxmox partners, we were Proxmox fans. We built and maintain our production Proxmox Virtual Environment (PVE) cluster, including Ceph storage. The cluster has been continuously maintained, improved and expanded for over five years (since before becoming a Proxmox partner). Our original cluster is still in production, although none of the original nodes remain. 

Our Proxmox Technicians have been trained directly by Proxmox. Through our experience operating Proxmox VE, supporting our clients’ diverse environments, and creating custom software solutions, we can provide your team with the insights and expertise to make your Proxmox deployment successful. 

  • Proxmox Subscriptions

    All subscription levels for:

    • Proxmox Virtual Environment (PVE)
    • Proxmox Backup Server (PBS)
    • Proxmox Mail Gateway (PMG)
    • Proxmox Offline Mirror (POM)
  • North American Focus

    • Currency: US dollars, Canadian dollars, or Euros
    • Enterprise billing options
    • Eastern Time Zone service
    • Phone support available
  • Supplementary Services

    • Ride-along training for sysadmins who learn by doing
    • Managed and hosted remote PBS for off-site backups
    • Backup verification service to ensure the integrity of your backups
    • Cluster design
    • Critical incident response